Looking for the best HVAC service in Springfield, Ohio? For over 86 years, Jennings Heating and Cooling has been taking care of all things related to heating and air conditioning in our community members’ homes. Don’t be left in the cold when your HVAC breaks down and needs repaired or replaced—Contact Jennings today!


Why Jennings?

  • Technicians receive ongoing training and are EPA registered and certified
  • 24 Hour Service with no overtime fees
  • Improved operating efficiencies means lower utility bills
  • HVAC systems available to fit into any budget
  • Preventative maintenance plans available to keep your system functioning properly at all times
  • HVAC troubleshooting and diagnosis available
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Financing is available to qualified customers


Quality HVAC Service in Springfield, Ohio

Not maintaining your HVAC system regularly can cause havoc to your system, especially when the weather acts up, leading to costly repairs and replacements in the future.



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