HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These three systems are closely related and very commonly used in homes and offices. The basic function of HVAC systems is to maintain good air quality indoors by providing proper ventilation and temperature control. These systems are so popular because they are energy efficient and effective.

The purpose of a heating system in a HVAC system is to maintain adequate room temperature. In these systems, heating can be of two types- central and local. A heating system is generally made up of a heat pump, a radiator and furnace or a boiler. Each of these has a specific function in the heating system.

Ventilation systems are concerned with air movement. The main purpose of a ventilation system is to ensure that carbon dioxide goes out and oxygen comes in a room so that people can inhale fresh air. If a ventilation system is not installed, stagnant air will cause sickness and allergies. However, a proper ventilation system must be maintained because an inefficient system would result in the growth of bacteria and fungi in a room because of humidity.

The air conditioning system in a HVAC system controls temperature and ventilation both. It generally has large air ducts. So, before installing such systems, it must be ensured that the building or residency has enough space for their installation. It must always be ensured that air ducts are cleaned properly or else pathogens will start thriving in them and cause problems.

Since HVAC system are only machines, problems can arise in their functionality and people often seek HVAC repair. These problems can be minor ones or major ones. In either case, the HVAC system needs to be repaired. One way of avoiding problems from arising in the working of such systems is to maintain them properly and get them checked by qualified service engineers at regular time intervals.

Several things might go wrong in a HVAC system. You will need to get the system serviced or repaired to ensure that the problem is dealt with. These problems are enlisted as follows:

  • Problems in the air filter like accumulation of dust particles.
  • Problems that arise because pressure drops below recommended level.
  • Problems in air distribution.
  • Problems arising because of increased moisture and humidity.
  • Problems in the air ducts.
  • Problems arising because of improper ventilation.

Whenever there is a problem in your HVAC system, it is better to consult the experts. This is because these professionals can repair the system in the right manner and ensure that all problems are dealt with properly.

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