Warm Weather Savings on Awnings and HVAC Services

Looks like the warm weather is upon us and about time! USA Today’s Temperature Forecast’s is for a Warm June, let’s hope so.

retractable-awningWe have $200.00 off special on our retractable awnings. With the flip of a switch the awning will extend out to make that deck or patio usable even during the sunny part of the day, flip the switch again and retract the awning when the wind kicks up. The awnings can be ordered in many colors and patterns. Feel free to stop into showroom and give the retractable awning a spin or give Carol a call to have Pete stop by for a free estimate.

Now might be a good time to check your attic insulation. During the summer months, late in the day even as the sun goes down the house can become warmer due to the heat buildup in the attic. Additional insulation or an attic ventilator can make a big difference. Give us a call to receive a quote on an attic ventilator or insulation.

Wireless Thermostats are becoming more prevalent and can be controlled by your Smart Phone, (I-Phone or Android) as well as tablets or I-Pod touch. Now you can access and adjust temperatures from any location with smart phone access. This wireless system will sense outside temperature, outside humidity as well as indoor temperature and humidity and allow you to adjust accordingly from your device. Jennings Heating and Cooling has this system installed in our conference room so stop in or call for a quote.

air-conditionerAnother energy saving and comfort enhancing trend we are seeing is the move toward higher efficiency air conditioning equipment. The higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) air conditioners can be equipped with 2 stage compressors which allow your unit to act as a smaller unit  when the temperatures are mild and move to a higher speed when it is HOT. This 2-stage system provides optimum dehumidification in mild or hot weather. We all know that when the humidity is reduced it feels cooler.

Thanks again for making Jennings Heating and Cooling your Home Comfort Choice!

Mike Foraker, President