We’re Havin’ a Heat Wave…and it Feels Tropical

Summer SunshineCan you say humid? Wow! Rubber City feels more like a tropical rain forest than well, Akron, Ohio. As I’m sure you know, humidity is the opposite of comfort during these hot summer months. Even a relatively temperate day can feel muggy, and those with allergies or respiratory issues can find the outdoors challenging. Not only can humidity make the outdoors challenging, but it can certainly cause problems inside your home as well. You may be familiar with the damp, mildew odor found in basements when humidity is at a peak. Walls and ductwork can get stained where moisture has built up over many summers and there are times when a portable dehumidifier just doesn’t do the trick.

Jennings Heating and Cooling offers several solutions to this age-old problem. If your existing air conditioner is approximately more than 15 years old, you may want to consider replacing the system with a new high efficiency air conditioner that has a built in dehumidification function. These newer cooling and dehumidification units have the capability to set not only the desired temperature, but the humidity setting that is most comfortable for your family as well. If you’re thinking that you might need to upgrade your unit, you may want to consider taking advantage of our $1000 off a heating and air conditioning system as this special is only available through the end of August.

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