Service Agreement Program

October 25, 2012 Jennings Heating

service-agreement24 hours a day. 7 Days a week.

Don’t let HVAC failures shut you down. Service interruptions can spell disaster for your business. Scheduled maintenance can prevent problems before they occur and our 24 Hour Emergency Service can get you back up and running should your HVAC systems fail.

By agreeing to a Jennings Commercial Service Agreement, our specialists will ensure that your heating and cooling equipment is properly maintained and operating efficiently to save you money. Our specialists will inspect your equipment, and conduct routine maintenance to minimize breakdowns and repairs. When a breakdown does occur, Jennings offers 24/7 emergency service with no overtime fees so your facility can operate at its normal hours without interruption. At Jennings, your satisfaction is guaranteed, with no fine print.

Receive a free walk-through Energy Assessment.

A walk through energy assessment analyzes all energy consuming aspects of your facility including:

  • Building envelope
  • Mechanical systems
  • Lighting
  • And more!

With an Energy Assessment, our team will identify and return a summary of your largest energy savings, allowing your business to learn:

  • How your building uses energy relative to similar buildings
  • How your building consumes energy per square foot
  • Your buildings energy use by component
  • And energy use by system.

Service Agreement

If you are interested in receiving a no obligation quote for a commercial service agreement, and would like to have a Jennings representative contact you with more details about the program; Please complete the information below.