HVAC Service- What You Need To Know and How We Can help

hvac-serviceHVAC systems are the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems used at homes and offices. These systems are an integration of all the basic services required in homes and commercial buildings. These systems are a must have because of their efficiency and effectiveness in providing you with the most comfort. These systems are also known to be very energy efficient and help in saving electricity bills. But sometimes you need an HVAC service company to help keep that added comfort and efficiency.

HVAC heating systems are the ones that are used for temperature control. The main constituents of this heating system are furnaces, boilers and pumps. These heating systems need to be installed properly and need a lot of maintenance so that they can have a longer life. The ventilation systems in HVAC systems maintain the air movement. These ventilation systems control the carbon dioxide and oxygen level in a room so that people can inhale fresh air.  Ventilation systems need to be maintained properly so that no fungi or bacteria can thrive because of increased humidity in the room. Air conditioning systems in HVAC systems are used for maintaining the temperature as well as the ventilation in the room. These systems have large air ducts. These ducts must be cleaned properly so that there are no bacteria or fungi that can thrive in them.

Since HVAC systems are made of wires and other electrical equipment, they can sometimes fail to function properly. Several problems can arise in the working of the HVAC systems that will require HVAC service. These problems may relate to the heating components, ventilation systems and also the air condition systems. Problems may arise in the ducting of the HVAC system or in some other part. For all of these problems, you should contact a professional so that the system can be serviced and repaired properly.

When it comes to HVAC service, Jennings Heating and Cooling is a trusted name. We have the best experts from the industry to help people get their all their heating systems serviced and repaired.  We cater to residential as well as commercial clients. Our experts can provide all the support for heating and air conditioning repair as well as duct cleaning. The experience and reputation of the Jennings Heating is the main reason why many people opt for our services. You can browse the services we offer at www.jenningsheating.com.

We offer several plans for our clients. These service rewards programs are as follows:

  • Platinum rewards program which includes two annual performance and safety checks for the HVAC systems and several discounts on repair.
  • Silver rewards program includes two annual safety and performance inspection for the HVAC systems.
  • Aprilaire Humidifier is a program which offers only one inspection of the HVAC system in a year.

You can find more details on www.jenningsheating.com/service-rewards-program/plans.php

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