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June 28, 2013 Jennings Heating

We love working with all of our customers but especially appreciate that moment when a new customer discovers how important we are as the HVAC company Berea Ohio residents choose. No one wants to deal with an improperly functioning HVAC or, even worse, emergency repairs. Yet we see the results time and again of shoddy work or hear stories of companies price gouging customers who needed that emergency service in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend. Having been in business for more than 80 years now, we understand what it truly takes to make customers happy and we strive for that goal each and every day.

HVAC Repair

Your HVAC is what keeps your home at the optimal temperature all year round. In order to keep your family cool in the summer and warm during the cold winter months in Ohio you need your HVAC in working order. If you put off getting service and maintenance, you are likely to need repair. Jennings Heating & Cooling Co., Inc. offers emergency repair 24/7 including weekends without penalty charges.

HVAC Replacement

Whether your HVAC is on the mend or you want to upgrade to a newer energy saving system, you need expert replacement service. At Jennings we offer just that. Not to mention we can work with our customers for financing options for those who qualify. This makes it easier than ever to get the best working HVAC system possible.

Service and Repair

Getting regular HVAC service can help prevent you from needing HVAC repairs. Jennings Heating & Cooling Co., Inc. offers both service and repair, regardless of whether you got your HVAC system from us or not. The best part is that we give you a quote for the job and not by the hour, so there are never any financial surprises when the job is finished.

HVAC Maintenance and Replacement Services

hvac company Berea Ohio

Rewards Programs for Regular Maintenance

Part of keeping your HVAC working properly is getting the service, maintenance and repair needed. Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc. offers different Rewards Programs to encourage our customers to get that regular maintenance while still saving money. Both our Platinum and Silver Rewards Programs offer customers two annual safety and performance inspections plus a deductible for the diagnosis cost. Those customers who upgrade to the Platinum Rewards Program also receive discounts for repair work. It is just another way we try to take the best care possible of our Berea customers.

Discover the Best of Berea Ohio

Let the trusted name in HVAC work that has been working hard since 1931 give you the service you deserve at a price you can afford. Take advantage of our quotes that are by the job, not the hour, a quote that won’t come with any surprises once the job is complete. You may even be able to take advantage of financing we offer in order to upgrade that HVAC system to a more efficient one that will help you save on your utility bills. Let Jennings prove to you how much we care.