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October 22, 2012 Jennings Heating

heating-and-air-company-tallmadge-ohioMost homeowners fancy themselves a bit of an expert at the DIY projects around the house, but some things are beyond the scope of the normal duct tape and staple gun repair kit. When it comes time to find a heating and air company, Tallmadge, Ohio knows the Jennings name. Jennings Heating and Cooling has been the trusted industry name for 80 years now, and making sure our customers have working HVAC systems is priority number one to us. This can be especially true in the midst of the Ohio summer heat.

If you are looking for the best heating and air company Tallmadge, Ohio has to offer, then look no further than the trusted Jennings name. When it comes to hiring a professional to get the job done there are some things to keep in mind such as:

  • First things first, it is best to work only with a company that sends out well trained, skilled, experienced and certified technicians. Otherwise you are simply paying for someone else to use the same DIY guesswork approach you could have tried on your own.
  • A skilled technician from Jennings will know to check for certain things such as to test for refrigerant leaks. It is important to get proper diagnosis of your HVAC system in order to prevent paying for service and repair that does not really fix the problem.
  • If your air conditioning system does fail, working with a reputable heating and air company Tallmadge, Ohio homeowners trust is the best way to get the job done correctly the first time around. At Jennings, we take this business seriously and don’t plan to need to come back once a job is done. Some companies make their money off of improper repairs that lead to costly return visits, but that’s not how Jennings does business.

There’s plenty more to keep in mind when it comes to getting your HVAC taken care of. To find out more and get some great tips on a regular basis about HVAC and air conditioning, make sure to sign up for our newsletter. You’ll also learn more about specials we have and other tidbits of information just by signing up for the newsletter.

Other Considerations

You don’t get to be the most respected name in heating and air company Tallmadge, Ohio residents rely on without working hard to get there. When you give us a call, we can help you problem solve or devise working solutions for installation, service, maintenance and repair for your HVAC system. Remember when you get pricing for jobs such as these, the lowest bottom line quoted price isn’t always the best way to go. Be careful of:

  • Working with companies or technicians who are not licensed, bonded, insured, certified, trained or otherwise properly skilled or experienced to be performing these tasks regardless of the savings.
  • Hiring companies that look cheap but charge by the hour. Those hours can add up.
  • Working with a company that does not offer a guarantee.

Give us a call and find out for yourself why Jennings is the local industry leader.



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