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October 22, 2012 Jennings Heating

heating-and-air-company-parma-ohioSome companies offer to work on your HVAC or air conditioning, and others offer service to go with it. At Jennings Heating and Cooling, you will come to find out quickly how we have earned the reputation as one of the top heating and air company Parma, Ohio homeowners rely on.

While it’s true not every company can have been fortunate enough to be around eight decades like Jennings, there are also too many fly-by-night operations that can be a real problem in the industry. This is because:

  • Someone without the 650 combined years of experience Jennings has can offer great lower prices but at such a great cost. You should only work with a company that has technicians who are licensed, bonded and insured on top of being skilled, trained, experienced and certified. Anything less is not worth the savings.
  • These same companies also tend to make it seem like you are getting a great deal until the final bill comes. One reason we are the preferred heating and air company Parma, Ohio trusts is that we give you our price by the job, not the hour. You know what the bottom line will be instead of finding out just how many costly hours a job can take.
  • Once these not-so-professional companies disappear, other reputable companies are left to help customers pick up the pieces. Generally this means expensive repairs to fix the damage untrained “technicians” from the previous company left behind.

Get it right the first time by relying on Jennings Heating and Cooling to help with your installation, repair, service and maintenance needs.  Not only can you avoid those issues you may have with other less than professional companies, but you can also avoid:

  • Getting hit with surprise charges. On big repairs the price we give you is the one you pay without question or compromise.
  • Being unhappy because with Jennings your satisfaction is guaranteed. It’s a simple policy without fine print, which helps keep our customers happy.
  • Getting shoddy work done by unskilled technicians. A major reason Jennings is the name for heating and air company Parma, Ohio residents trust in is that our technicians are trained and continue to get updated training on newer advancements in technology.
  • Paying too much for repairs that need to be done at an inopportune time. Too many companies charge extra for providing service at emergency times when customers need them the most. We offer round the clock service for the same reasonable standard rate.

When it comes to finding a professional heating and air company Parma, Ohio homeowners love to work with, it pays to work with the best. In the 80 years we have been in business we have worked hard to keep our customers happy and will continue to do so for the next 80 and beyond. Get the inside scoop on our helpful advice and tips by signing up here for our newsletter. Even better, give us a call at 330-786-1284 or 1-800-588-1095 to set up an appointment today.


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