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October 22, 2012 Jennings Heating

heating-and-air-company-fairlawn-ohioThe heating and air company Fairlawn, Ohio residents rely on is Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc. We have been in business in the area for many years and have been able to give all of our customers exactly what they need in terms of service, efficiency and, of course, expert HVAC repairs. While it is certainly not something that you need often, knowing which HVAC company to call when you need them is very important. There are three different major reasons why you might need to call Jennings Heating and Cooling. Those reasons are:

  • To install a new unit, especially a greener, more cost effective central air conditioning unit that can save you money on your family’s comfort for many years to come
  • To service, inspect and maintain an existing unit, regardless of who installed it
  • ŸTo repair units when they falter and fail, especially when it happens on the worst possible day

Air Conditioning – Repairs to Your Unit Should Be Fast and Easy

The temperature spikes suddenly up to an uncomfortable level and the news says that it is likely to stay that high for several days in a row. You go to turn on your AC unit only to hear it making a strange kind of sound or you notice a strange smell. You hope for the best, but you realize that you are going to need to call a HVAC company as soon as possible. You call one and are told that it would be several days before they can even come to look at it. You need to call the heating and air company Fairlawn, Ohio recommends for faster and more reliable service. You need to call Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc. so that you get what you need. That includes:

  • A comprehensive check of the system that will detail everything that is wrong or about to go wrong with your system. We will tell you what needs to be fixed and what might need repair in the coming years. You decide which repairs you need right now.
  • Certified and trained technicians can get the job done without having to come back dozens of times as they try to guess what is wrong with your air conditioning unit.
  • A faulty unit is not an energy efficient unit. If your air conditioning unit is not working correctly it is probably using far more energy but still not managing to be effective. To save money on your home energy bills, your HVAC system needs to be working at its peak condition for the whole cooling season.

Calling the Right Heating and Air Company Fairlawn, Ohio

When you need to make a call for any repairs to your HVAC unit, you need to make sure that you are calling the right company. You don’t want to call someone who may or may not have staff to answer the phone or worse someone who answers but doesn’t answer your questions or concerns. Call Jennings Heating and Cooling Co., Inc at 1-330-784-128, or toll-free at 1-800-588-1095 or visit our website at www.jenningsheating.com to get the right service for your HVAC unit and great customer service.



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