The Importance of Reliable Home Heating

home heatingWhen you consider the winters in Ohio, you begin to understand some of the importance of reliable home heating. In the course of a single week in the Buckeye State, you might see temperate days followed by bone chilling nights. It might be warm and sunny on Monday, and gray and pouring down the rain by midweek, ending with snow showers over the weekend.

If your home heating system is as unpredictable as the weather itself, you might find yourself huddling with your family, wrapped in blankets and warm robes while various members take turns cursing the heating system for its malfunction. Pilot lights occasionally go out and can be relit easily, but what if the problem is more serious than that or worse, what if you have no clue at all what is wrong with your home heating system? Continue reading

Boiler Repair: Why Do I Need to Get Professional Help?

boiler repairYour boiler at home is meant to keep your home warm and usually works well, without any maintenance. But, if you are constantly having to check on your boiler, resetting it to get it to restart, or have noticed that it has new noises, strange smells then it may be time for a boiler repair. If you just don’t think that the boiler is not working as well as it should be, you might need to consider having professional home boiler repair services to tune up, repair or, in a worst case scenario, replace your boiler, quickly and efficiently. Do not risk a night spent shivering in the cold if your boiler fails you.

Your Options When You Have Boiler Problems

When there is an issue with your boiler, you have two options. The first, perfect for minor or occasional problems, requires you to know a bit about the boiler itself and knowing where the manual reset buttons are located. Certain components of the boiler may shut off for safety reasons, requiring that the rest button be pushed to get it going again.

But, if you are finding that you are doing that more than a few times during a heating season, or worse, that is not doing the trick any longer, you need to move on to option number two: professional boiler repair. If your boiler is under warranty and you try to fix something on your own, you could void that document and potentially cause further damage. Continue reading

Winter 2011 Newsletter

heating-maintenanceThe Importance of Heating Maintenance

Winter is coming and it’s time to get your heating maintenance done!

What is Heating Maintenance?

Heating Maintenance is having your furnace cleaned and checked annually.

Our heating maintenance includes a 15 point precision furnace tune-up. This inspection includes a combustion efficiency test that tells you how your furnace is utilizing the gas that it is burning. Continue reading

Why Heating Systems Need To Be Serviced and Repaired

heating-repairHeating systems have become an integral part of a household these days. Heating systems function with the help of complex machinery and processes. Furnaces and heaters, if used regularly can become damaged quite frequently. These need to be maintained on a regular basis so that no problem arises in their functioning. Central heating systems, especially at homes must be maintained in a proper manner. Heating repair is a must to keep up on regularly by experts so that the life of the system is prolonged. Continue reading

HVAC Service- What You Need To Know and How We Can help

hvac-serviceHVAC systems are the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems used at homes and offices. These systems are an integration of all the basic services required in homes and commercial buildings. These systems are a must have because of their efficiency and effectiveness in providing you with the most comfort. These systems are also known to be very energy efficient and help in saving electricity bills. But sometimes you need an HVAC service company to help keep that added comfort and efficiency. Continue reading

Why Jenning’s Is The Choice For Heating Contractors In Ohio

heating-contractorsTechnology has become so advanced that it has made the lives of human beings very comfortable. Be it winters or summers, one can deal with extreme temperatures due to the availability of heaters and coolers. Most people have heating systems in their homes and offices, but they often overlook the need to maintain these systems and fail to take care of them properly until it’s too late. These heating systems call for proper servicing to operate back at a proper level. This is the reason why people need to engage the services provided by heating contractors. Continue reading

Northeast Ohio’s Best HVAC Contractor

hvac-contractorHVAC contractors are the people that install heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in a building. If looking for an expert HVAC contractor, here are some tips for choosing the best contractor. This isn’t so simple to hire a professional contractor, so you should consider many factors to make the right choice. One of the best methods to get valid testimonials of a contractor or any company is to ask experienced friends, neighbors, family members, and fellow workers in the office. This is the appropriate way to get referrals because phone books or other sources are not able to provide the information about quality work. Continue reading

Heater Repair Service – What You Need to Know

heater-repairYour home heater equipment plays an important part in everyday life. Without heaters, you would not have the comfort of warm temperatures in your homes, schools, and businesses when the weather gets cold. Unfortunately, most of the people do not even think about their heaters until they require replacing or repairing. They don’t realize that regular service of the heating equipment can increase its life to some extent.

When your heater starts malfunctioning, you should take care of it before it’s too late. First of all, if you don’t get the problem fixed immediately, it may very likely get worse. Search for professionals dedicated to heater repair, compare their prices and hire the one who is known to provide the best services at the most reasonable price. The HVAC specialist will be able to diagnose the problem and will suggest either repairing or replacing the device, whichever is more economical. Sometimes, replacing the equipment is less expensive than repairing it.   Continue reading

Furnace Repair – Frequent Problems and Their Causes

furnace-repairWhen any problems occur in furnaces, they are usually obvious to notice and are not very difficult to fix if you contact a furnace repair company. As the seasons change, you need to be mindful of how well your furnace still operates. Be sure to test your furnace before the cold weather kicks in.  To help you locate any issues, here are a few common issues that can arise in furnaces: Continue reading