Important Things to Know About Furnace Service

furnace serviceIt is no secret and should come as no surprise that furnace service is big business in Ohio, especially the Northeast region. The winters can be long and rough, which puts a great deal of strain on furnaces, especially older models or those that do not get the regular maintenance required for longevity and peak performance. The thing to keep in mind is that you should take care of your furnace by: Continue reading

How to Determine if You Need Furnace Repairs

furnace repairsNeeding furnace repairs may not seem like a big deal, if you find out in July. Finding out you need them when your furnace breaks in the dead of night on the coldest night of the year in Northeast Ohio can be quite another experience altogether. It is important to get your furnace serviced on a regular basis to prevent having serious furnace repairs. Regardless, however, at some point you will be faced with needing furnace repairs. Continue reading

HVAC Services: Finding The Best In Northeast Ohio

hvac servicesFinding a trustworthy company to work with for HVAC services is an important part of living in Northeast Ohio. We are known for our winters here and take a certain amount of pride in weathering the winter storms. Of course, it goes without saying it is crucial to have a furnace that is in working condition when winter strikes.

Summer heat isn’t exactly a picnic either. It is equally as important to make sure your air conditioning is in working order as well. So, when you have your own home or business in the Northeast Ohio area it is important to establish a working relationship with a trusted HVAC services company. Continue reading

Furnace Replacement – Don’t Be Left in the Cold this Winter

furnace replacementIt’s winter and it’s cold, and your heater has just gone on the fritz. So, what do you do about it? You have no training in furnace replacement or repair, and you have no idea why you keep turning the thermostat up, but you just cannot seem to get any heat. You’ve checked the pilot light, which did not need to be re-lit. Now what? You can’t just forget about it, especially during the cold Ohio winters. You need to call in a professional who can diagnose the problem and take care of it quickly for you. Continue reading

For Furnace Cleaning – Contact Jennings Heating and Cooling Company

furnace cleaningYou wake up in the middle of the night, and you hear a knocking sound. The noise is coming from your furnace, and you know it is pretty much on its last legs, and you are getting no heat. Now what? It’s cold outside, and you really don’t want to go the rest of the night without any heat. Instead of calling a fly-by-night furnace repair company that may or may not be able to get to your home before next Tuesday, if you live in Ohio, the smart thing to do would be to call in an expert who is trained in furnace cleaning and repair. Continue reading

Furnace Repair Service: Why Jennings Heating Is the Right Choice

furnace repair serviceIt is cold and only getting colder. Wouldn’t it be just your “luck” that on the coldest night of the year your furnace makes a squealing, clanking sound and then chugs to a dead stop? When you need furnace repair service where do you turn?

Finding the Right Furnace Repair Service

A furnace repair can quickly turn something fairly minor into something very expensive in just a matter of time.

Why Furnace Maintenance Should Be at the Top of Your List

furnace maintenanceHave you scheduled your furnace maintenance yet? It’s not something that you spend a lot of time thinking about, is it? But, as important as your furnace is to the comfort of your family, shouldn’t you spend more time in keeping it running correctly? Most of the time, the furnace is only noticed when there is a problem and then there is a major panic, but if you practice proper maintenance on it, you can make sure that it is running correctly for the entire heating season and for many years to come. Continue reading