Why a Whole House Standby Generator is a Must for Your Home

With the marked vulnerability of the existing electrical grid and storm systems descending upon us more frequently than ever before, how will you keep the essential systems and appliances on in your home should the power fail?

A whole house standby generator might just be the difference between weathering the storm safely and being caught unprepared. We’ve compiled a list of just some of the reasons why a whole house standby generator should be on your home’s shopping list.

  • A whole house generator will provide emergency power to your home medical devices such as Monitors and C-PAP Machines around the clock.
  • It is estimated that 15 million customers are affected by a major power outage annually. A home standby generator will ensure that you aren’t a statistic when the next storm hits.
  • Power outages cost money from food loss, hotel stays, mold remediation and basement flooding to cleaning, refinishing wet floors and furnace or AC repair. A standby generator will keep the lights and major systems on (including the sump pump!) and save you money.
  • A generator provides your family with peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to weather another power outage in the dark without heat, AC or kitchen appliances for cooking and storing food.
  • With Briggs & Stratton’s Symphony Power Management system, which is included in Jennings’ Briggs & Stratton Fortress line, you are able to direct backup power anywhere in your house, giving you the ability to prioritize up to 8 high wattage appliances (refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, ovens, medical devices, etc.) for uninterrupted whole-house power during an outage.
  • Jennings’ Briggs & Stratton Fortress generators run on gas or propane, making the unit even more efficient, which saves you money.

Don’t wait for the next storm or power failure. Contact Jennings Heating and Cooling to request a free, comprehensive quote for the installation of a Briggs & Stratton whole-house backup generator for your home. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that your home and property are protected.

Top 5 Reasons to Get an Annual Furnace Clean & Check

winter-670314Some homeowners may be tempted to skip the recommended annual clean and check for their heating system in hopes of saving some cash before the holiday season. While this may seem like a worthwhile gamble, yearly furnace maintenance is an absolute must if you want to ensure that your unit is operating safely, effectively and efficiently.

Here are the top five reasons to schedule a yearly furnace clean and check: Continue reading

How To Choose the Right Central Air System for Your Home

carrierSelecting the right central air system for your home may seem daunting. After hearing terms such as “SEER rating”, “tonnage”, “zoning” and “variable speed,” you may feel overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start. Let us help you take the guesswork out of the equation and walk you through the process of choosing the system that’s right for your home with the checklist below.

Choose the Right Contractor

First and foremost, make sure that you choose the best contractor for the job. You will want to select someone who is trustworthy and credible-after all, you will be welcoming them into your home! Start by searching out local contractors in your area using a simple internet search. From there, check out any available reviews and testimonials. What are customers saying about them? Take note of how they rate on Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. You will also want to search out whether or not they are part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area and, if so, what their BBB rating is. Continue reading

How Much Will it Cost to Replace My Heating and Cooling System?


You’ve known for a while that your heating and cooling system is approaching the end of its expected lifetime, but the loud “woosh” you now hear when your furnace kicks on or the fact that your AC seems to constantly run (a costly problem) are telltale signs that can’t be ignored-it’s time to replace your system. The question is-how much will it cost?

It’s important to ask this question well before an immediate need for a replacement so that, if necessary, you are able to budget in advance for this major appliance-especially since it’s one that you can’t afford to live without! The cost of a new system depends on the answer to this question; what home comfort needs or expectations do you want the new system to meet? Continue reading

10 Most Common HVAC Problems

While some HVAC issues are simply a matter of cleaning coils and filters, something that you can do yourself, many of the 10 most common heating and cooling system problems will develop into much bigger concerns if not serviced early. Most of these can be avoided with regular preventive maintenance calls. It is wise to have your system checked annually to prevent outages during extreme weather.

Get Answers to the 10 Most Common HVAC Problems

Regularly scheduled maintenance by a licensed service contractor is a MUST to keep your system in proper working order. Many of the most common furnace problems can be avoided with proper maintenance by a certified service contractor. You have likely invested thousands of dollars in your home heating system. Why not protect that investment? If you neglect to perform regular maintenance you will most likely experience unexpected costly breakdowns, increased energy cost, poor performance and frustration. Continue reading

Jennings Rings in New Year with 85th Anniversary Celebration

JenningsLogo-85Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas season and Happy New Year! Jennings has much to celebrate this coming year, not the least of which is our 85th anniversary! While Jennings began as a coal company in 1931, with the help of our customers, we have continued to grow and move beyond offering heating solutions exclusively, to become a full service heating, cooling and electrical company.

Though many organizations would attribute the success of over eight decades of staying power to adaptability throughout the changing times, the reason Jennings has had the privilege of serving this area and families like yours for 85 years is owed to the fact that we have not strayed from the biblical based values the company was founded on as well as the guarantee of 100% satisfaction for each and every customer. Continue reading

Fall Home Comfort System Prep List

FallFor many, fall is a favorite time of year- the warm tones of the changing leaves, the pastime of family and friends gathered to cheer on beloved football teams and crisp, cool evenings. It’s also a good time to prepare for the frigid temperatures that will follow this much-anticipated pleasant weather the next few months bring.

In order to prep your home for the dropping temperatures, consider performing the following fall checklist

  • Program your thermostat to automatically turn down at night, perhaps scheduling the temperature to be set back a couple of degrees half an hour after you typically go to bed and turn back up half an hour before you get up in the morning. These adjustments can save between 5-7 percent on heating costs. Jennings offers several energy saving thermostats as well as remote access thermostats which can be monitored on your smart phone via an app. To view some of the available smart thermostats click here.
  • Call for Jennings’ furnace clean and check. Servicing your furnace will typically pay for itself in energy savings throughout the winter, as well as extend the life of your comfort system. Continue reading