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October 22, 2012 Jennings Heating

In a period when energy supplies are becoming increasingly constrained, homeowners will have to choose to either control energy costs or be controlled by them. In addition to cost savings, there is an ever-growing concern that we need to lower our dependence on oil and reduce our global footprints. Considering alternate energy solutions is a great way to get your home “off the grid” and move toward the future.

The benefits of using alternative energy sources:

  • Cost savings over time.
  • Fixed energy costs. A hedge against future price increases.
  • A great investment. Ongoing energy expenses can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Environmentally friendly, clean and renewable.
  • No power outages.
  • Easy installation.


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Jennings Heating and Cooling offers several energy efficient systems that will be great tools for your home’s green facelift including a solar thermal hot water system.Kieth Hellenbeck Pic

Solar thermal heating uses heat from the sun to reduce the amount of electric or gas needed to heat your hot water. The solar thermal panels preheat the water in a closed loop system before it enters your house, which can eliminate the need to heat water in the summer, and reduce the need to heat water by up to 50% in the winter.

Photovoltaic systems generate electricity from the sun to power your house. At Jennings, we can design a system that will reduce or eliminate the need to use electricity from the utility companies on sunny days. These systems also can be installed with a battery backup that can be used when the electricity goes out.

Both solar thermal and photovoltaic are clean, renewable energy that are a great step towards energy independence. If you’re interested in reducing your utility bill, contact a specialist for more information about how a solar solution from Jennings can help your family become more energy efficient or sign-up for our newsletter for news and advice on this ever-changing subject.


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Geothermal heating and cooling is the practice of using the internal ground temperatures to manage the temperature of your home. Even in the summer the ground at even shallow depths is consistently at 55 degrees. This makes an ideal source for heating or cooling your home naturally.

Geothermal systems use a heat pump to force the transfer of heat from the ground using a carrier fluid that’s sent through pipes in the ground. Heat is extracted from the fluid and used to warm your home. The same process can be used to cool your home where the fluid is cooled in the ground and then used as an efficient cooling source. Since the fluid never interacts with the warm air outside, it makes for a much more efficient source of energy than traditional air conditioners that must take the warm air and continuously cool it.

Many government incentives can help with the financial investment that geothermal requires. Keep an eye out for current government programs and offers here.

Contact a specialist for more information about how a geothermal solution from Jennings can help your family become more energy efficient or sign-up for our newsletter for news and advice on this ever-changing subject.

Interested in learning more? Click here for in-depth information about how geo-thermal heating and cooling works.

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