Akron, Ohio Air Conditioner Repair

August 7, 2013 Jennings Heating

When searching for the ultimate Akron, Ohio air conditioner repair company, try Jennings. We are the area’s number one choice for heating and air conditioning needs. We also do much more than just repairs, we do installations as well.

Going with Jennings’ services allows you to experience what the experts can do. We have a team that knows how to do repairs the right way. Let Jennings be your pick the next time you need your air conditioner repaired.

Business needs

Jennings does not just repair residential homes, we do businesses as well. We have been servicing businesses in the area for more than 50 years and are still going strong today. Here are some reasons why your business needs Jennings:

Commercial HVAC needs

Jennings can provide commercial services for your HVAC needs. We are the experts when it comes to air conditioning repair as we practically wrote the book on it. There are many reasons why your business should call Jennings today:

  • We repair units in churches, schools, medical buildings and more
  • Planning and designs that are customized
  • Concerns due to air quality
  • Rooftop set-ups

Repairs in institutions

If your business is in dire need of an air conditioner repair, then the one to trust is Jennings. We do all types of repairs to ensure that your employees and customers are at their coolest. Our technicians are HVAC trained, which means they will give you the best service possible.

Akron, Ohio Air Conditioner Repair

Customized planning

Call Jennings today to see how we can come up with a fool-proof plan for placing your air conditioning unit. We are the experts in the heating and cooling business. No other company can offer you what we can.

Air quality

Air quality is a big concern nowadays. The friendly staff at Jennings will make sure that your business has an air conditioner unit that will not pollute the air and will produce clean air throughout the business.


Does your business need an air conditioning unit in an area where other heating and air companies won’t install one? Well, when you go with Jennings, we can do roof top set-ups. Our technicians are skillfully trained to bring you the best air conditioning service guaranteed.

Call Jennings today and get started on your way to clean and cool air conditioning. We’ve been servicing the Ohio area for many decades and are the ones to trust. When you go with Jennings’ air conditioning services you are getting a 100% guarantee.

Stop searching for Akron, Ohio air conditioner repair companies that say they can give you all that Jennings can. Go with who the area knows and trusts most. Only at Jennings will you get a quote that won’t break the bank. Call or stop by today. Our technicians are available all of the time, 24/7. You will not be disappointed at the quality service you receive.