Air Conditioning Maintenance Akron, Ohio

October 3, 2014 Jennings Heating

Air conditioning maintenance is vital for your air conditioner’s operations, your energy bill, and your health. We want to help! At Jennings Heating & Cooling Co., Inc., we have families and lives of our own – we understand how important properly working air conditioning is to your summer!

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Before It Becomes Critical

contact-us-promoLike humans, air conditioners need a doctor to perform checkups to prevent future problems. As with humans, these air conditioning check-ups prevent major problems that will be much more costly and inconvenient later. Sometimes, when we first turn on our air conditioners at the beginning of summer, we notice that they aren’t working as well as they once did. Other times, after our air conditioners have been busily cooling our homes and businesses all summer, problems surface. That is the time to call for air conditioning maintenance, and our skilled technicians are some of the best air conditioning doctors in Akron, Ohio.


Save Money by Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Good Condition

Air conditioners without maintenance are much more costly – not just because of repairs, but because of overall energy efficiency. When your air conditioner begins operating inefficiently, energy is wasted. Not only is this bad for the environment – it is also bad for your wallet! Schedule maintenance to save yourself money and to save yourself the time that is later wasted on broken air conditioning. Our staff has the equipment and experience to use cost-benefits analysis of your air conditioning, providing you with the knowledge you need to make wise decisions about your air conditioning and your budget.

Prevent Health Issues That Can Occur With Dirty Air Conditioning Systems

Dirty air conditioners create dirty air, furnace-cleaningand dirty air puts your health at risk. Air conditioners provide the perfect environment for mold, a fungus that causes many allergies and illnesses. Most people do not realize how often air conditioner filters need to be changed or dusted – the filth that accumulates in these filters also affects our health. Sometimes pests build homes in our air conditioners; it is not uncommon for varieties
of wasps and bees to build nests in air conditioners. All of these dilemmas – mold, dust, and pests – can be avoided by finding a trustworthy company for your air conditioning maintenance.

Contact Us for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Akron, Ohio

With over eighty years of experience, we are professionals for all things heating and cooling, including air conditioning maintenance. Contact us to schedule your maintenance appointment today!