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October 3, 2014 Jennings Heating

air-conditioning-companyWhen the Jennings brothers started Jennings Heating & Cooling Co., Inc., it was a coal business; now it is an air conditioning company in Akron, Ohio that provides both service and installation of heating and air conditioning systems. We help you with the many aspects of heating and cooling, including scheduling service checks, repairing existing equipment, and installing new equipment. We also advise you how to decrease energy bills by explaining our cost-benefits analysis. Our long history with every brand of central air conditioning systems and furnaces enable us to help you with any difficulty you may face.

Look for the Differences Jennings Offers

Based in Akron, Ohio since 1931, Jennings Heating & Cooling Co., Inc. was originally established by the Jennings brothers. Other than so many years of experience, what makes us stand out?

  • Skilled Experts — With over eight decades of practice, our reputation is incomparable. Our unlimited staff receives over 800 hours of training each year and qualified-carrier-furnace-servicecan solve any problem.
  • Technology — Not only is our training state-of-the-art, but also our computerized dispatch system that logs calls into our system and makes sure they are completed properly.
  • Upfront — We offer 24-hour emergency services with no extra fees or overtime rates; we do not sneak extra bills when you aren’t looking.
  • Fast Repairs– We have a warehouse on wheels – meaning we have over 300 parts with us at all times – so we can complete the usual repairs immediately.
  • Honest– We quote a fixed price for repairs, and we guarantee there will be no surprises.
  • Equipment– Our computerized inventory enables us to restock each truck automatically, ensuring that we have the part you need.
  • Service Agreements– If needed, we offer many full-service agreement plans to fit your unique situation.
  • Professional Work– Our professional installation
    services keep you worry-free for years to come.

In all business dealings, we guarantee that there is no fine print and that you will be satisfied!

Experience the Difference When You Need an Air Conditioning Company in Akron, Ohio

Northeastern Ohio’s homeowners and businesses have trusted us for the past 80 years. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial heating or cooling, people have trusted as since 1931, and so can you! Contact us today for your air conditioning needs in Akron, Ohio.