Air Conditioner Repair Berea, Ohio

January 24, 2013 Jennings Heating

Anyone new to the area may not already know the name to call when it comes to the best air conditioner repair Berea Ohio residents choose. That name is Jennings Heating and Cooling Co. Inc, and for more than 80 years we have been taking care of customers in Ohio. We take care of everything from basic service, to emergency repairs or complete air conditioner replacements. We work hard to take care of our customers and all of their needs.

Air Conditioner Repair

Part of that dedication to our customer base is offering the best in air conditioner repair. Our expertly trained and highly qualified technicians go above and beyond meeting the strict EPA guidelines. It’s about more than just that, though, because we also work to fit repairs into your budget and schedule. Of course that also means offering emergency service 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Whether you decide or our pros feel it is time to replace your current air conditioner, this doesn’t have to be a big hassle. We offer financing to help make this possible so you can keep your home, and your family, cool during those hot Ohio summer nights. We also offer other important products including humidifiers and carbon monoxide detectors.

Service & Repair  

No matter what type of company you dealt with before, at Jennings we assure you that you won’t get stuck with an inflated bill after the work is done. Our free quote you get before the work is done is the same amount you will see at the end. We also charge by the job not the hour, so you won’t get stuck with all those extra charges at the end. It’s about taking care of your service and repair needs, while staying within your budget.

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Replacement Services

  • Air Conditioner Repair Berea, Ohio Technicians receive ongoing training and are EPA registered and certified
  • A wide selection of the most up-to-date air conditioner units and other heating and cooling products including humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Systems available to fit into any budget
  • Preventative maintenance plans available to keep your system functioning properly at all times
  • Air conditioner troubleshooting and diagnosis available
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioner systems
  • Financing is available to qualified customers

Air Conditioner Maintenance Programs

Jennings offers a variety of air conditioner maintenance programs to its Berea area customers. This is to ensure that your system is always in perfect working order. After all, you don’t want it to act up once it starts to get really hot outside. Some of the most popular plans include the Platinum Rewards Program and the Silver Rewards Program. Both give you two annual safety and performance inspections, as well as a deductible on the cost of diagnosis. The Platinum program also offers discounts on repair work.

Berea, Ohio’s Best Air Conditioner Repair Company

The next time you are looking for the best air conditioner repair company in the Berea area, just ask anyone and they will tell you to call Jennings Heating & Cooling Co. Inc. You can get service 24 hours a day, and the technicians always have the most up-to-date parts and equipment. You can get your system repaired or replaced, and enjoy one of the maintenance plans so you know that your air conditioner is always going to work when you need it.

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